How To Test Lightning Cable With Multimeter? Just Test your Cable

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Lightning cables are connector cables that are used on Apple devices. If you have been in trouble charging or syncing your device, you need to check the lightning cable to identify whether the problem stems from the cable.

In this article, we will show you how to test lightning cable with multimeter.

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How Do You Test A Lightning Cable?

how to test lightning cable with multimeters

A properly functioning lightning cable will constantly put out 5V of voltage. So, take a multimeter, set it on voltage mode, and put the testing probe on the pin. If the reading says 5 volts, then your cable is working fine. If it reads below 5 volts, then you would have to consider changing your lightning cable.

How Do I Test A USB Cable With Multimeter?

how to Test A USB Cable With Multimeter

You can check a USB cable with multimeter just as we tested the lightning cable. Again, the goal here is to check whether or not the cable is delivering 5V voltage output. Set your multimeter to voltage mode again and check the voltage of the USB port attached to the end of the cable. If the reading says 5V, then the cable is working fine. Otherwise, it is faulty.

How Do You Test If A USB Cable Is Working? 

You can use a multimeter and check for the desired level of voltage to determine the cable’s functionality, just like we did in the previous section. Alternatively, you can use a dedicated USB diagnostic tool. A USB tester would let you check your USB cables with ease, along with your USB ports.

How Do You Test If A USB Cable Is Working

These devices are cheap to purchase and should not set you off for more than $10. A USB tester should give you information regarding voltage, load resistance, current intake, and the charging temperature of your USB gadget. It is a very simple device and you would get a hang of it in no time.

A USB tester resembles a USB flash drive and has input and output ports. You need to connect the tester to a power source via the input port. For example, you can slot a USB tester in your laptop and let it draw power from it. It would show the electrical characteristics data of the power source on its display.

To check a USB cable, attach it to an adapter and then connect it to the output port of the USB tester. The display of the tester would give out voltage, charging current, and other relevant information. See if the readings match up with the ideal values. If they don’t, then the cable is damaged.

Is Lightning Cable Reversible?

Yes, lightning cables are reversible. Being reversible, a lightning cable can plug into a device in any orientation. The contact points of these cables have a symmetrical shape. Therefore, they can go into the connecting port no matter how you insert it. Both sides of the connecting pin are compatible with the connecting port.

Final Say

Lightning cables might often be defective. So, knowing how to test lightning cable with multimeter is a useful skill to distinguish between genuine and rip-off lightning cables.

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