How To Use A Cross Line Laser Level? Just 4 Steps

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Many people don’t know the mechanics behind a cross line laser level. Due to that, they face problems operating the device properly. Actually, using laser levels is a simple matter, and the improved cross line laser level makes work even easier.

Cross line laser level is simply a step up from self-leveling laser level. It aligns the laser itself, so you don’t have to do anything yourself. So, today in this article, we will fill you in with detailed steps on how to use a cross line laser level.

What Is a Cross Line Laser Level?

How to Use a Cross Line Laser Level

Simply put, cross line laser levels are the evolved version of your average laser lines. Alongside auto-alignment, cross line laser levels can project laser horizontally and vertically or roughly up to 180 degrees.

This is a huge benefit of using the cross line laser level as it pinpoints the exact location where you might want to set up your appliances.

Process of Using the Cross Line Laser Level

Now, we will go over the steps on how you can use a cross line laser level yourself.

  • Setting Up the Tripod

Most laser levels come with a tripod which you can use to attach your laser level. Make sure the laser level is placed firmly on the tripod. You can use the included adjustable legs and built-in leveling bubble to set up your laser level properly.

  • Turning on the Laser Level

After setting up the laser level, next, you have to turn it on. Now, give it some time to align the laser on the surface you are working on. As it is a cross line laser level, it will align the laser itself without you having to do anything.

  • Choosing Your Desired Location

Next, if the laser level is turned on and ready to go, you might want to choose your desired location where you want to project the beams. You should choose a place where the horizontal and vertical lines can be aligned perfectly.

As you project the laser level on your chosen location, you will see the lines intersect at a certain point. You will need to work on that point for setting up your appliances.

  • Changing Laser Modes

Cross line laser levels come with three different modes. You can project the laser either horizontally or vertically or both.

It has 3 different methods you can choose from. Now, there should be a switch on your cross line laser level for switching the modes. Just press that, and choose your preferred line.

However, with cross line laser levels, I recommend choosing the mode with both horizontal and vertical lines. Doing so will present you with accurate points to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a laser level without a tripod?

You necessarily don’t need to have a tripod to use a laser level. One of the good things about a laser level is that you can use it, keeping it on any flat surface. You have to make sure that the laser level is stable while using it. Many laser levels also have a magnetic back which you can use to attach the laser level to a magnetic surface.

How do you use a laser chalk line?

For using a laser chalk line, first, you need to insert the batteries that come with it. After that, you can turn on the tool to allow it to calibrate its lines properly. To ensure a smooth experience, place it in a firm position. Ensure there is no extra movement and the laser chalk line is stable. With this, you can get accurate lines on your chosen surfaces.

How do you use a laser level to set out laser line?

Before you use the laser level to set out laser lines, you will need to attach the tool to a tripod or any flat surface. After that, please turn on the laser level and let it self-level until you find the lines intersecting each other. Next, you have to rotate the front of the laser level to the desired wall or surface you are going to be working on.


Using a laser level really sets your appliances on your wall for a long time. Without its help, it is tough to pinpoint the exact point you would want to install your devices. So, it’s really handy to know how to use a laser level. It saves you all the hard work and time.

So, I hope by reading this article, you will have a brief idea of how to use a cross line laser level.

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