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Brake calipers are an indispensable part of any automobile with a disk-brake system. In simple terms, calipers push down the brake pads to the rotor surface and decelerate or stop the vehicle.How long do brake calipers last? We will answer that question in this article, but not without discussing some relevant factors first.


What Is A Brake Caliper?

A brake caliper is a disk-brake component that contains the brake pads of your car. When you pressurize the brake pedal, the brake caliper guides brake fluid through the lines to push a piston and thrust the pads against the rotor. Brake calipers exert a force to decrease the rotation of the wheel or bring it to a complete standstill.

The brake caliper sits on the rotor of your car wheel. The metal plates that you can see inside a brake caliper are known as brake pads. Whenever you step on the brakes, the brake calipers intervene in the wheel’s motion and bring the car to a halt. Therefore, the brake calipers have to be properly working to ensure a functioning braking system.

How Long Do Brake Calipers Last On A Car?

How Long Do Brake Calipers Last

As the car picks up more mileage, the brake calipers would become more vulnerable. The reason behind this is the heat that gets produced from the braking system. Constant exposure to heat damages the internal seal of the calipers over time. So, you have to replace them after a certain period.If you do regular maintenance, then the calipers might last the entirety of the car’s life. But, that’s not always the case. You can expect a drop in brake calipers performance after ten years or a mileage of 100,000 miles. If you don’t drive your car that often, the calipers might get rusty and leak brake fluids..

When To Replace A Brake Caliper?

You should contemplate changing your brake calipers if the following events continue to take place regularly:

  • Your brakes make screaking noises.
  • Your car drags to the side while braking.
  • The Antilock Braking System (ABS) light keeps flickering.
  • The brake pedals feel obstructive or loose while being pressed.
  • You discover brake fluid leaks.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Brake Caliper?

Replacing a brake caliper could set you back between $60 to $200, depending on the model. You would also need to account for service charges if you are not doing it by yourself. Fees should vary from garage to garage, so contact nearby servicing shops to find the best rate for you.

How Do You Check A Brake Caliper?

Look For Leaks

If your car has a low brake pedal, chances are the brake fluids are leaking. Check the area surrounding the caliper for leaks.

Check Piston Movement

Place your car on jack stands and try to rotate the wheel with your hands. If the wheel is reluctant to move, the caliper piston might have become rusty and stuck.

Inspect Brake Pads

Support your car on jack stands and take off the caliper. Closely look at the brake pads. If you find some pads are thicker than others, then the caliper will not function ideally.

Final Say

Faulty brake calipers would compromise the braking mechanism of your car and drive up the risk of accidents substantially. So, check your brake calipers regularly and make sure that they are working perfectly.

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