Do You Need To Know How Do Digital Calipers Work? It’s For You

A digital caliper is a measurement tool that can determine the dimensions of a tangible object. It is a modern iteration of a slide caliper aka, Vernier caliper. A digital caliper is easier to use than its predecessors and can also yield results with greater accuracy.

But, how do digital calipers work? We will explain its mechanism in the following paragraphs.

What Is A Digital Caliper?

A digital caliper is a precision tool that can meticulously compute the dimensions of an object. Even though it is based on the principles of a Vernier caliper, the term “Digital Vernier Caliper”, which many people use in lieu of digital caliper, is not correct. It comes with an LCD display, from where you can easily get the readings.

We live in an era of digitalization, so it was expected that would eventually dethrone classic Vernier calipers. If you were curious about , we hope, this article has given you a clearer ideaHow Do Digital Calipers Work

How Was The Digital Caliper Developed?

As the use of LCDs became more and more prominent in electronics, digital calipers entered the market in the ‘90s. Digital calipers make improvements on Pierre Vernier’s model of the original slide calipers by ditching the rack and pinion system and installing an easy-to-read LCD. Ergo, it made measurements more accurate yet simple.

Is There A Way To Charge A Digital Caliper? 

Digital calipers use non-rechargeable batteries, so when you face a case of dead batteries, you have to replace it. However, there is a way around it. You can use a AAA battery adapter and power your caliper through rechargeable AAA batteries instead of watch batteries. It is a simple hack that can give you more battery life and give you a way to charge the tool.

Follow these steps to attach an AAA battery to your caliper:

  • Take an AAA battery holder, put a battery in one chamber, and fill the other one with a wire. Using two batteries would damage the circuitry, so never experiment putting batteries on both compartments.
  • Take off the plastic lid that seals the battery compartment of the caliper. Connect the negative end of the wire to the bottom pad and the positive end would go to the other slot. Solder the other ends of the wires to the battery holder.
  • The caliper would now source its power from the AAA battery. When it runs out of power, take it off the adapter and put it in a charger. After recharging, put it back on the battery holder and keep on using the caliper.

How Do I Know If A Digital Caliper Is Accurate Or Not? 

Use the caliper to measure known dimensions. If the readings do not match with the actual values, then your instrument is faulty. Check the difference between the actual value and the reading of the caliper. You can use this information for compensating the caliper’s error while taking future measurements.

How Accurate Are Digital Calipers?

Digital calipers are very accurate. They can give you the measurement of an object flawlessly to the decimals. A 6-inch digital caliper has an accuracy rating of 0.001 inch and a resolution of 0.005 inch. The resolution indicates the minimum distance the caliper is able to measure. On the other hand, the accuracy rating indicates the smallest measurable increment.

What Are Digital Calipers Used For?

Digital calipers are high-precision instruments that excel in maintaining accuracy to decimal levels. It can identify the difference between a fraction of millimeters. You can deploy this tool to determine both inside and outside dimensions. It is very effective in measuring wire or round or irregularly shaped objects. Gunsmith guys are using digital caliper for reloading.

Are Dial Calipers More Accurate Than Digital Calipers?

A dial caliper has a dial instead of an LCD display to exhibit the readings. A dial caliper enables easy access to the readings like digital calipers, but it does not match the accuracy of a digital caliper. Dial calipers use the rack and pinion mechanism, which might get easily disrupted upon falling. Digital calipers are more shock resistant and offer a greater degree of accuracy.

Which Is More Accurate: A Micrometer Or A Digital Caliper?

A micrometer is also based on the rack and pinion system, which makes it less reliable than a digital caliper. The rack and pinion might often move out of alignment and lead to faulty results if you forget to calibrate it. Since digital calipers have a more sophisticated system in linear encoders, they trump micrometers in accuracy.

Final Say

We live in an era of digitalization, so it was expected that digital calipers would eventually dethrone classic Vernier calipers. If you were curious about how do digital calipers work, we hope, this article has given you a clearer idea.

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