DEWALT DW089K Review: Awesome Line Laser

Today we are going to write about DEWALT DW089K Review. It’s a pleasure to review another DEWALT addition to their laser measuring line. The DW089K is a self-leveling 3-beam line laser that allows you to make quick and easy measurements up to 30 feet away. In addition, the DW089K is an up-front tool that allows you to see how much of an angle you’re dealing with. This tool does just what it says it will do.

This DEWALT DW089K review will discuss the main features, pros, and cons of this product.

DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Line Laser Review

DEWALT DW089K Review

Ideal for Professionals

This line laser is ideal for professionals working in residential and commercial applications. For example, You can use this model to measure the width of a door, the depth of a wall, or the height of a chair rail. The DW089K is also accurate enough to use for floor tile and wall layout surveying and mapping.

This line laser is excellent for use in small spaces, such as home offices, and it features a compact design with a 90-degree layout, solid-state design. This feature ensures a powerful, bright laser beam that can be accurately adjusted to line up with wall studs and other horizontal edges.

Saving Time

Unlike most standard lasers on the market, the DW089K is equipped with a unique 90° beam that allows users to set beams and walk through space and a second horizontal beam. This feature enables contractors to move through a room efficiently, saving time and allowing them to be as productive as possible.The DW089K can easily laser through walls and ceilings at up to 30 feet. In addition, it is accurate to within 1/8 of an inch at 30 feet, making it particularly useful for commercial applications.

Better Visibility

The DW089K laser has a green laser beam that can be turned on and off with just three buttons for better-quality visibility. It comes with a hard-sided carry case for carrying and storage, and it includes side buttons that operate all three beams.

Long Battery life

laser is better, but the case is not bad. The case fits the laser well, and the batteries can be taken out for a quick battery change. The laser was designed with 4 D batteries (the original batteries are about $10 per pack). Performance is good. The three lasers are not so good, though they will do for straight-line marking. The battery life is good. Lithium-ion battery lasts about 6 hours on continuous fire. That is not great.

Easy to Use

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, 3-Beam

This Dewalt laser is one of the best lasers level we’ve used. The laser is easy to use and looks pretty accurate as well. The laser lines are evident even in low light and are easy to see with glasses. It is super easy to set up and open, and it only takes a few minutes. This Dewalt laser is the easiest to move around and use. Hence, it’s definitely worth the money and its excellent quality.

DEWALT DW089K Pros & Cons


  • It comes with an uneven protecting case
  • It comes with an uneven protecting case
  • Two times brighter diode to increase visibility
  • Fast and easy framing lines
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Fast and easy framing lines


This Dewalt laser is a powerful and versatile tool. At the end of reading DEWALT DW089K review, hope now you make a buying decision with no hesitation. It’s also incredibly affordable so that you won’t find a better tool for the money. The additional laser allows for accurate and easy construction of boxes, walls, floors, and more. In addition, the laser is extremely easy to use and read.

These beam laser levelers are inexpensive and easy to use. With a click of a button, they automatically laser level the metal surface on which they’re placed, and a bright laser illuminates the area for an accurate reading. The Dewalt unit is an excellent choice for small jobs and perfect for tight spaces. While numerous reviews on Amazon for this laser leveling tool, I would highly recommend it, especially for the money.

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