Best Laser Levels For Plumbing & Plumbers In 2023




Best Laser Levels for Plumbing & Pipe Fitting

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A laser level is a plumber’s best friend when it comes to precise and accurate results. But there are so many units in the market in so many varying prices and varying qualities.  

So, today we will focus on finding you the ideal laser level. This article will guide you through all the factors you need to consider while buying a laser level for plumbing. We’ll also recommend our top picks for the best laser levels for plumbing on the market.

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Best Laser Levels for Plumbing

Best Value
Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level...
Customer Rating
Amazon Customer Review
Bosch GCL100-80CG 12V 100ft Green...
Customer Rating
Amazon Customer Review
Best For Pipe Fitting
Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level, Self...
Customer Rating
Amazon Customer Review
Cross Line Laser Level with 2 Plumb Dots...
Customer Rating
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Best For All Work
DEWALT 12V MAX* Line Laser, 5 Spot +...
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The products we will be talking about today have every essential feature a laser level require. Let’s get to know them.

Best Laser Level For Plumbers and Pipe Fitting

Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level 621 CG

Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level...
2,415 Reviews
Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level…
  • ✔️360° HORIZONTAL LINE AND TWO PLUMB DOTS: With one ultra-bright 360° horizontal & one 140° vertical green beams, 621CG Laser Level provides all-around leveling coverage even in big job-site. And unique up and down plumb spots provide additional benefits of ceiling, points transfer, leveling, alignment, plumbing and squaring applications to suit users’ needs.
  • ✔️MULTIFUNCTIONAL LASER TOOL: The line laser level offers all-in-one versatility for users who perform a variety of tasks involving squaring, plumbing and leveling. The 360°Horizontal Line, 140°Vertical Line, Red Plumb points can be selected independently by the laser button on the key pad. This laser level tool self levels and indicates out-of-level condition while pendulum unlocked. Once pendulum locked, it switches to manual mode to lock lines for use at any angle.
  • ✔️BRIGHT GREEN BEAM & OUTDOOR PULSE MODE: This green laser tool projects brighter green laser than standard red beams with accuracy of +/- 1/9″ at 33Ft for lines, 1/9″ at 33Ft for dots. Besides brighter green beam, the outdoor pulse mode extends laser range up to 180ft with Huepar LR-6RG/LR-5RG Line Laser Receiver in bright light or outdoor conditions.

This device has a 360-degree horizontal line which also contains two plumb dots. Its up and down plumb spots give wide coverage for any plumbing alignment work.

Versatility is a great attribute of this thing, which grants users the ability to square plumbing and leveling. This one has five modes, horizontal mode, vertical mode, Horizontal & Vertical mode (at once), plumb-points mode, and an all beams on mode.

Huepar Self-Leveling green plumb spot laser level

You’ll be glad to know that it provides a very bright green laser with an estimated accuracy with a deviation +/- 1/9″ at 33Ft (for lines) and 1/9″ at 33Ft (for dots). The 360-degree vision allows for excellent coverage.

Regarding the build quality, it’s pretty good. Also, its price is among the cheapest. It has good portability and tripod support as well. The battery life is outstanding, but to top it all off, it even has a dedicated battery-saving mode.

Moreover, a self-leveling laser is onboard. Once set, it will automatically self-level at 2Hz, blinking continuously. Additionally, it comes with a manual mode. The green laser beeps every 3-5 seconds to remind you it’s self-leveling.

This device is super light (only 8 ounces) and battery-powered. No need to worry about water or dust as it is IP 54 rated.


  • Very light, compact, and portable
  • Long battery easily capable of a single days’ worth of work
  • Comes with a green target plate for better accuracy
  • Affordable and feature-rich
  • Very durable
  • Can be used for multiple purposes


  • Not very bright in direct sunlight
  • The quality of the included components could have been better

Verdict: You can’t go wrong with this product as it is very user-friendly and inexpensive. It will serve most indoor plumbing jobs perfectly in addition to limited outdoor works.

Klein Tools 93LCLS

Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level, Self...
2,041 Reviews
Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level, Self…
  • Laser Level with self-leveling, easy-to-read horizontal and vertical laser lines with plumb spot lasers to pinpoint overhead locations
  • Level projects horizontal and vertical lines independently or together for various alignments
  • Rugged body provides IP54 water and dust resistance; hard plastic carrying case included

Klein Tools have been in the industry since 1857, providing various tools for both home and professional workers. The Klein Tools 93 LCLS is a self-leveling cross-line laser level and alignment tool. It is an excellent pick for any sort of plumbing job in 2021.

This one is capable of offering a rigid pendulum. It is also a self-leveling system with a 90° vertical plumb-spot feature with bright/clear lasers. Magnetic mounts and additional ceiling clip mounts are included. Its key feature is the cross-line level system. Layout and alignment options become plentiful and easy.

klein plumbing laser level

The laser lines are clear, bright, and easy on the eyes. Also, it features an integrated magnetic mount and ceiling clip mount. In addition, this model has a hard plastic carrying case for swift transport and comes with an easily accessible battery indicator. I like the fact that it’s water and dust-resistant (IP54) as well.

This product includes laser lines with plumb spot lasers to pinpoint overhead locations precisely. And it is also capable of projecting vertical or horizontal lines independently or together with a measurement accuracy of ±2 mm per 10 m.

The device comes with integrated 360-degree magnetic mounting brackets with additional mounting clamps for celling pipes and valves. It is durable enough to withstand a 3.3-foot drop. Not to mention, it is also IP 54 rated.

best laser level for plumbing


  • Rare earth magnets are used for a robust clamping mechanism
  • Very durable and can withstand a 3.3-foot drop
  • Multiple rigid mounting options, including ceiling clip mounts
  • Ideal for both professionals and homeowners


  • Harmful to the eyes as it is a red laser light
  • Doesn’t get too bright, especially under sunlight

Verdict: The product comes from a legacy that has proven its place in the industry and lives up to its reputation as one of the best laser levels in the market. It’s simple, functional and its multiple locking mechanisms make this one an easy recommendation. 

Huepar M-9211G-Laser level For Plumber

Cross Line Laser Level with 2 Plumb Dots...
1,166 Reviews
Cross Line Laser Level with 2 Plumb Dots…
  • 🔹 COMBINES PLUMB AND UP POINTS WITH CROSS LINE- Huepar M-9211G self-Leveling laser level offers two points plus a cross-line for a two-in-one laser. This hybrid point and line laser tool combines all the features of the Huepar line laser plus point-to-point plumb, giving contractors in the commercial and remodeling trades maximum versatility.
  • 🔹 FINE POSITIONING- This laser level offers cross-line accuracy of +/- 1/9 inch at 33 feet, up point accuracy of 1/13 inch at 33 feet and down point accuracy of 1/9 inch at 33 feet. Class II 510-530nm laser product. We adopt the latest LD blue-green laser unit, It is at least twice brighter than red lasers utilizing the same power source.
  • 🔹 SELF-LEVELING- The M-9211G cross-line laser features the Smart Pendulum System, you are able to self-level on an inclined surface within 4 degrees. If the surface inclines over 4 degrees, the laser will flash to indicate you are out-of-leveling parameters. You can be confident that you are within optimal leveling range. Secure transport lock protects pendulum when unit is switched off. Manual mode locks lines for use at any angle.

Featuring a rigid and versatile build, it’s made for meeting your plumbing needs. Also, it has all the features plumber wants, that too without breaking the bank. You’ll love the array of mounting and fixing options it offers.

The device combines the up plumb points with a cross line. This hybrid crossline gives plumbers a lot of versatility while remodeling or cutting tiles. Fine positioning is one of its strong suits.

It works on a laser wavelength between 510~530 nm with leveling accuracy: ±1/9 Inch at 33 Feet. The leveling/Compensation range is 4° with a ±1° deviation. And the up plumb accuracy is 1/13 inch at 33 Feet. Lastly, the down plumb accuracy is about 1/9 Inch at 33 Feet.

best laser level for pipe fitting

Having a working distance (Dot/Line) of 197ft/ 85ft (100 LUX) means it is more than good enough for any indoor plumbing. The green laser is quite bright, so outdoor work can also be done with it.

For more about outdoor laser level you should read our best outdoor Laser Level Review and Buying Guide.

It comes with a 360-degree Magnetic pivoting bracket and a 360° rotational mounting base. This one has support for strong L magnets and tripods.

The product is self-leveling but also has a manual mode for non-straight levels. It is battery-powered and Ip54 rated.


  • Very versatile as it provides many options for fine positioning
  • User-friendly interface with helpful indicators
  • Portable, compact, and sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Accuracy falls off at greater distances

Verdict: Great product with amazing features. If you are not looking for long ranges, this compact yet sturdy device comes highly recommended, especially for its fine positioning.

DEWALT 12V MAX Line Laser (DW0825LG)

DEWALT 12V MAX* Line Laser, 5 Spot +...
423 Reviews
DEWALT 12V MAX* Line Laser, 5 Spot +…
  • DEWALT Laser Level Has Integrated Bracket
  • Laser Level Tool Comes with Locking Pendulum
  • DEWALT Green Laser Level Has IP 65 Rating

Dewalt is yet again another industry trendsetter. Their latest offering scores high in terms of durability. You can really tell that as soon as you lay your hands on this model.

It comes with an integrated bracket for easy placements. This one has a locking pendulum to fire the lasers at a specific angle. It is also self-leveling with a full-time pulse detector that warns the user by blinking.

dealt laser level for plumbers and pipe fitting

The product features a 1/4 20 inch thread mount and a + 5/8 11 inch pivoting thread mount with a 165 ft. range. It comes with a detector–line for fine placements. Also, this thing has an impressive 150 ft. range-spot with +/- 1/8 inch measuring accuracy.

Its special feature is its five spots. The device covers up, down, front, left, and right plumb spots. Moreover, it includes an over-molded housing, target card, enhancement glasses, magnet enhancement plate, and ceiling brackets. An impressive 12v rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers this device.


  • Built with premium materials
  • Bright green laser with excellent visibility even under sunlight
  • Very durable and can withstand up to a 2-meter drop
  • Has a dedicated full-time pulse mode – detector


  • The box and the device are heavy and quite bulky
  • Quality of the charger is cheap and not durable

Verdict: Dewalt never disappoints, and this is yet another example. With its bright green laser and high durability, it can do any indoor or outdoor plumbing job.

Bosch GCL100-80CG 12V

Bosch GCL100-80CG 12V 100ft Green...
224 Reviews
Bosch GCL100-80CG 12V 100ft Green…
  • All-in-one functionality – facilitates one-person job setup with horizontal leveling, vertical alignment and plumb point transfer applications, connected capability
  • Built in VisiMax technology – delivers maximum beam brightness, optimized energy efficiency and long-term tool reliability
  • Bright green-beam laser lines — up to 4x brighter than standard red beams. Ramge extended up to 165 ft. using the Bosch LR8 reciever

Our last but not least recommendation is an all-in-one feature set for any plumbing job. It can do horizontal and vertical leveling, alignment, and plumb point transfer.

Furthermore, this model has a bright green laser which is four times brighter than standard red lasers. The Bosch houses an exclusive VisiMax technology; this maximizes brightness and efficiency for more extended usage. It also keeps the device at optimum temperature.

Having a range extender allows it to further its range up to 165 Ft. with a measuring accuracy of ±1/8 In. at 30 Ft. The smart pendulum feature lets it self-level at ±4 degree. It also comes with a manual mode for any un-straight alignment work.

line lase level with plumb spot

The device comes with multiple mounting tools such as RM 2 magnetic rotating mount, which rotates 360° for fine adjustments, ceiling grid clip for ceiling plumbing works.

This device also has an App called Bosch leveling remote app available for both Android and iPhone. It can be used to control the device remotely.

Finally, I’m impressed with the robust over-molded construction and the fact that it is powered by a 12v rechargeable lithium-ion battery with an IP54 rating.


  • The VisiMax technology ensures a very efficient usage for a long time
  • Great range with green lasers, four times brighter than standard lasers
  • Comes with an assorting of mounting hardware
  • Good rechargeable 12v lithium-ion batteries
  • Has a very convenient app that allows for remote control


  • A bit tough to use for beginners as it has a learning curve
  • Laser lines are a bit thick for finer jobs

Verdict: Overall, it’s a product that’s worth a shot. The in-house technology gives it the edge it needs, and the app doesn’t disappoint either.

Buying Guide for Best Laser Levels for Plumbing & Pipe Fitting

There are a few factors you must consider to find the best laser level for pipe fitting. Below, we’re going to discuss them.

  • Accuracy

Precision is essential when it comes to any sort of plumbing job, especially pipe fittings. Even a 1 mm can make a world of difference. So, buying a laser level is the most important criterion.

Search for laser levels with good accuracy ratings. You can find them out by seeing their error or deviation rate. Look for the product which has the lowest error/deviation rate.

Also, check if the laser is too thick or not. Many plumbing tasks require to pinpoint accuracy, which is impossible if the laser’s beams are thick.

  • Range

The range is another big factor to consider when buying a laser level. If you are going to strictly work on indoor plumbing, you can buy a cheaper laser level with less range but with other good features.

However, if you want to do more outdoor jobs, buying a laser level with either a built-in range extender or an external range extender in the box is recommended.  

  • Brightness

Buying a laser level that is green is recommended as it is more visible than red lasers. They are also almost four times brighter.

A brighter laser is essential because, in harsher lighting conditions, it is easier to see. It also creates a direct co-relationship with range. A less bright laser tends to have a lesser range than its stated claim.

  • Durability

Plumbing is usually done when finishing building/remodeling. The sites are almost always dangerous, and equipment here needs to be durable to stand the test of time.

Check what material they are made of before buying one. Another way of knowing is if the product can withstand a drop or not. Most products provide this info on their details page.

  • Portability

Plumbing jobs require a lot of hauling around. So, look for compact and light models.

  • Manual and Auto Modes

Look for lasers that can self-level. Most modern laser levels can self-level at +/- 6 degrees. Don’t buy a laser level without this feature because it’s a must-have and will save you hours of backtracking.

Manual modes are also very important as they can be used to fix the laser at an un-straight line or angle.

  • Multi-Purpose

We want our device to be able to do multiple jobs. Make sure they can cover more than just one line at a time. So, you should get a laser level with at least the cross-line feature.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Viability

Most laser levels can handle all indoor conditions, but things get a bit tricky when it comes to the outdoors. The laser loses its visibility under harsh sunlight. So, buying a laser level that can handle both indoor and outdoor plumbing is recommended.

  • Battery Life

Many laser levels are battery-powered and have chargeable batteries. Most chargeable batteries last around 4 hours, with all the lasers active simultaneously, which is more than enough for a full day of work.

  • Miscellaneous

Beyond all the features above, look for features that make it easier to work with the device. For example, look at the product if it has multiple mounting options or comes with magnetic clamps or L-shaped clamps. Even features like an app to use the device remotely are also very useful.

How to Use a Plumb Laser

How to Use a Plumb Laser

Make sure you put in your batteries correctly before starting the laser level. Then press the button where you cycle through modes; this will activate the lasers.

Now you have to position your laser level carefully. Use a tripod or the included magnetic clamp to set it in place. Then use one of the modes to do any specific plumbing job. The horizontal, vertical, or crosslines will give accurate plumb points on either side (up, down, front, left, or right), depending on the setup.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best plumb laser?

It depends on what you want to accomplish with it. For the best bang for the buck, Klein Tools 93LCLS is a good option. But for most outdoor plumbing, you want something brighter like the Bosch GCL100-80CG 12V. If you want something that is just adequate in most situations, then the DEWALT 12V MAX Line Laser (DW0825LG) is a good choice.

Can a laser level check for plumb?

Yes, they can. Laser levels have vertical, horizontal, and cross lines, which can project lasers and pinpoint plumb spots easily and accurately.

Do plumbers use lasers?

Yes, they do. Laser saves plumbers a lot of time as it beat the traditional way of plumb bobs. Also, most lasers are self-leveling. As a result, slight errors are automatically fixed.

What is the best laser level for construction?

DEWALT 12V MAX Line Laser (DW0825LG) is the best for construction work. These jobs are usually dangerous, and equipment often takes a lot of beating. The DEWALT 12V MAX Line Laser (DW0825LG) is the most durable among its class.

What are 360-degree laser levels?

A 360-degree laser level covers all of its sides when plotting plumb points.


Plumbing takes a lot of work and requires pinpoint accuracy, so buying a good laser level is essential.

Our recommended models are the best laser levels for plumbing in 2022 as they have the ideal feature sets for any plumber. But in the end, it comes to your preference and needs regarding which laser level is perfect for you.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful—best of luck finding the right laser levels for your plumbing needs. 

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