5 Best Laser Level for Foundations In 2021

Getting a laser lever is not a piece of cake. We believe you know that already!

There’re multiple factors to consider while buying this machine. And if you miss a tiny detail, the result will be catastrophic! But don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

With many hours of research, we finally found the 5 best laser levels for foundations. These devices are easy to control, come with variable speed options, have a self-rotating feature, and so on! Moreover, you’re getting higher durability as a bonus!

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but these laser levels actually exist. And it’s time for us to introduce you to them! If you want to find out more, hop on the ride with us!

Top 10 Best Laser Level for Foundations – Best Seller List

Here are the top five laser levels for foundation works that we’ve discovered after going through hundreds of products and thousands of customer’s feedback. If you pick one from here, you won’t be disappointed.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started!

DEWALT DW089LG with DW0881T Laser Tripod

DEWALT DW089LG  with DW0881T Laser Tripod

Thanks to DEWALT DW089LG for making one of the most excellent laser levels for foundations since 1922. It is the most popular brand for your foundation works to be done more easily and recommended by professionals. Also, the procedure is simple and almost accurate.

DEWALT DW089LG is made of IP65 rated material, which provides maximum protection from dust. It also helps to stand against the pressurized water spray. Moreover, the tool locking pendulum of this laser level protects it from strong bumps during transportation.

You will be glad to know that the DEWALT laser level comes with the 12V MAX rechargeable battery. It has its power platform, and you don’t need to buy extra batteries for the product. You have to charge it overnight and use it the next day without worrying about any interruption.

Guess what the wow factor of this product is? It is a green laser that is even visible in the sunlight. You can see it from far away that’s four times brighter than the levels with red beams.


  • 360 degrees of projection makes the framing more accurate
  • Rechargeable batteries ensure zero downtime
  • Aluminum construction ensures durability
  • Pendulum locking mechanism preserves high accuracy


  • Micro height adjustment is a bit tricky
DEWALT DW089LG 12V 3 x 360 Green Beam Battery with DW0881T Laser Tripod
2,356 Reviews
DEWALT DW089LG 12V 3 x 360 Green Beam Battery with DW0881T Laser Tripod
  • Three 360 degree line lasers to aid in full room layout
  • Height (inch) 12.5 inch, Overall length (inch) 6.125 inch, width (inch) 17.75 inch.Green beam laser technology which is four times brighter than red
  • Aluminum construction and 1/4" X 20 thread mount


One of the worst problems we face is that we can’t see the laser guide under daylight. But with this device, that issue will be long gone. And that’s something worthy of your hard-earned money, don’t you think?

Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser Level

Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K  Self Leveling Rotary Laser Level

The 99-006Klaser level by Johnson Level & Tool is known for its flexibility and high accessibility. Therefore, we would love to recommend this for a breezy experience.

People find it difficult to understand self-rotating laser levels, but this will change when using this device. The manufacturer has given clear instructions. Therefore, the using procedure will be effortless. When you turn on the laser, it will level itself both in the X and Y axis, and you can start working.

Want to know what makes this one special? Well, this tool has visual and audible alarms for notifications so that you can stay notified all the time. When the leveling range goes up, it will notify you with the alarm.

By the way, the versatility makes this brand more accessible for you. This product comes up with different speed limits as 200, 400, and 600 RPM. You can switch the speed as you want. Usually, the lower speeds are used indoors with high visibility, while high speeds are for outdoor use.


  • Convertible design makes it easy to use
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Enclosed beacon in the inner part ensures better safety
  • Different speed levels allow you to work on different objects


  • High-maintenance device
Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser System Kit, Soft Shell Carrying Case,...
944 Reviews
Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser System Kit, Soft Shell Carrying Case,...
  • TURNKEY SOLUTION: The 99-006K self-leveling rotary laser system includes a soft carrying case (laser only), a 13’ grade rod, LED one sided detector, a contractor grade tripod, freestanding target, a drop-ceiling bracket, and laser glasses. Dimensions: 6.61" x 4.96" x 6.69"
  • EXTERIOR RESIDENTIAL: Great for leveling forms and footings, aligning fence posts, grading/excavation, or laying out retaining walls, planting beds, and more. Rotation Speeds: 200, 400, 600 RPM. Laser Wavelength: 635nm±10nm (Red)
  • VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL USE: Use vertically for laying out walls and floors, or installing metal drywall track. Use horizontally to install wainscoting, drop ceilings, or for leveling cabinets. Interior Range- Up to 200 ft. diameter depending upon light conditions. Exterior Range- Up to 800 ft. diameter with detector (included in 40-6516 and 40-6517)


With variable speed levels and convertible design, this machine is the epitome of convenience. Hence, if you don’t want to take much workload, going for this one will be a great idea!

Topcon RL-H5A Construction Laser

Topcon RL-H5A Construction Laser

Topcon is one of the most reputed brands for making top-tier laser levels for foundations.  And this one is one of their greater creations; let us tell you why!

The Topcon RL-H5A has two extra buttons than the usual laser levels, which helps sink the laser manually. However, it requires another person to hold the receiver so you can match up the new height.

And yes, a rechargeable battery will be given to you with the kit, which will last for 60hours straight. You can use it on the construction site or outside your house for at least a week, and that’s praiseworthy!

Topcon RL-H5A has an operating range of up to 400mm, which gives you an area coverage of 502,500m square. It means you don’t need to include multiple laser levels for work because it can work accurately independently.

Also, the height alerts are available here, so you shouldn’t be afraid of the accuracy. It will measure the height properly and notify you when it’s done.


  • Dust and water-resistant construction makes it durable
  • Rechargeable batteries run for a long time
  • Comes with self-rotating features to ease your pressure
  • Offers 502,500m square coverage area to speed up the task


  • Setup process isn’t easy
Topcon RL-H5A Self Leveling Horizontal Rotary Laser with Bonus EDEN Field Book| IP66 Rating Drop,...
293 Reviews
Topcon RL-H5A Self Leveling Horizontal Rotary Laser with Bonus EDEN Field Book| IP66 Rating Drop,...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE LASER: Grading, excavating and general construction projects are perfect applications for the RL-H5A. With the IP66 rating, the RL-H5A is "job site tough" and can withstand dust, a sudden shower and even torrential rainfall.
  • EASY TO USE: With electronic self-leveling, you press the power button and go right to work in seconds. If the RL-H5A gets disturbed on the job it relevels itself automatically. The self-leveling motors are accurate to ±10 arc seconds.
  • LONG RANGE WITH HIGH ACCURACY: Need to shoot elevations up to 800 m from your laser? No problem - this instrument has the power and range to cover a 800 m diameter job site.


Some of us love to own low-maintenance laser levels, and this one is truly a dream come true for them. However, you’ll need someone to give you a hand while setting this up, which makes things a little complicated.

BOSCH REVOLVE900 Cordless Rotary Laser Kit with Tripod

BOSCH REVOLVE900 Cordless Rotary Laser Kit with Tripod

Looking for an ergonomic laser level for foundations that will do its job quickly and accurately? You are at the right place. Bosch is one of the famous brands out there for their high-quality instruments for the foundation works. It will also allow you to work outdoors and indoors without any issue.

The GRL900-20HVK, which has multiple horizontal applications, is used for slide preparation, the foundation works, setting concrete form accurately to the construction, and utility works in the underground.

Also, the vertical application allows 90-degree points for layout, framing, and the installation of windows and doors. It can electrically self-level up to 5 degrees which is very good for big construction sites.

You will be glad to know the speed limits it has for rotation purposes. It starts from 150, 300, and 600 per minute and has variable scan angles. These will help you with any light conditions you are working in.

The BOSCH REVOLVE 900 has a high IP rating of 54, which is resistant to dust, water, shock, and other objects. It also comes with a padded case to help the laser keep in great shape for the next few years.


  • Comes with remote control for convenience
  • Multiple speed options make the task easier
  • Water and shock-resistant construction enhances its longevity
  • Easy to set up


  • Accuracy may not be enough for some users
BOSCH REVOLVE900 GRL900-20HVK Exterior 1000ft Range Horizontal/Vertical Self-Leveling Cordless...
109 Reviews
BOSCH REVOLVE900 GRL900-20HVK Exterior 1000ft Range Horizontal/Vertical Self-Leveling Cordless...
  • COMPREHENSIVE KIT: includes GRL900-20HV rotary laser, laser receiver, remote control, head unit case, 8ft. grade rod, wall mount, laser glasses, target card, and hard carrying case
  • MULTIPLE HORIZONTAL APPLICATIONS: use for site preparation, stake-out for pouring concrete foundations/slabs, setting concrete forms for commercial or large residential construction, underground utility work including plumbing and more
  • VERTICAL APPLICATIONS: provides a vertical beam and 90° point for wall layout, framing, windows and door installation, stud framing and more


If you are just getting acquainted with laser levels, this is the one you should get. It is easy to operate, effortless to set up, and loaded with advanced features. So we have a beginner-friendly package here!

Stabila LAR350 Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

Stabila LAR350 Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

This Stabila LAR350 laser level in the market is popular for its groundbreaking abilities of work. Thanks to the convertible design of this device, taking measurements will be easier than ever now! Furthermore, it can also help you to obtain plumb lines, which is impressive.

You already know the importance of the LED assistant system, don’t you? Well, we have it here in the Stabila LAR350 laser level. This feature makes it one of the most efficient laser levels for foundations.

The system helps you detect LAR350 from a distance to don’t have to check it continuously. Also, it helps with safety in the workplace, and that sounds comforting.

Another amazing feature of this product is that it prevents the beam from interrupting other laser levels. The Stabila laser beam can be limited to a particular area so it can do its work individually.

The motion control system also helps to upgrade rotating laser capabilities. It works in two axes together by the self-rotating system and also includes the manual function as well. Furthermore, the dual-slope controls the inclination setting up to 5 degrees.


  • Automatic laser control makes it effortless to operate
  • LED assistance system ensures better safety
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to carry
  • A self-rotating system allows you to complete your task faster


  • It can only cover up to a 90-degree angle
Stabila LAR350 Fully Self-Leveling Rotary Laser 9-piece Kit Interior/Exterior Horizontal, Vertical...
25 Reviews
Stabila LAR350 Fully Self-Leveling Rotary Laser 9-piece Kit Interior/Exterior Horizontal, Vertical...
  • The STABILA LAR-350 is an easy-to-use rotation laser for horizontal and vertical levelling, including obtaining plumb lines. Fully automatic motor-driven rotation laser for horizontal and vertical applications as well as manual inclination in two axes. Innovative MOTION CONTROL quick, reliable and convenient laser operation by rotating the remote control.
  • DUAL SLOPE inclination function controlled inclination setting of up to 5 degrees on two axes. SECTION MODE working area which can be limited as required in rotation mode. The laser beam is only emitted in a defined area.
  • LED ASSIST system for easy operation and safety in the workplace. Integrated LEDs indicate, for example, which axis is currently tilted or is being tilted. MANUAL ALIGNMENT function pivoting an axis in vertical operation.


If you are tired of heavy lifting and want to get something portable, this laser level is the ideal one for you. Moreover, it is super easy to operate, which is just the cherry on the top!

Things to Look for in The Best Laser Levels for Foundations

Best Laser Levels for Foundations

Yes, now you know about all the top laser levels for foundations. But if you want to browse a little more or have a better understanding of each feature, go through this buying guide that we’ve prepared for you.

After reading it, everything will be peachier!

Auto VS Manual

The first one is whether the laser level is auto or manual. See, if you are looking for short time accurate work, you should go for auto levels. It won’t disrupt your work, and you won’t get any hassle to set it up. You need to start it and wait to self-level. It will shut off whenever the leveling is done.

Again the manual ones are also accurate only if you know how to set the instrument properly. After the setup, you need to make sure it is working properly and shut it down after leveling the ground.

Also, the manual ones are not available on the market right now as the auto laser levels are technically more improved these days. So you can go for the auto levels for quick work.

Green Beam or Red Beam

Now you have to decide if the work is an outdoor one or an indoor project. If it’s an indoor project, you should go for the green beam lasers because they are much easier to see rather than the red ones. They also appear brighter on the inside.

Also, for the outdoor projects where sunlight can come easily, you can go for red beam lasers. Plus, red beams will be helpful for you to track your leveling work.

Laser Level Accessories

Sometimes manufacturers include some accessories to make your experience breezier. If they don’t come with the product, you can get them separately without any trouble.

  • Tripod

A tripod is a must-have if you plan to get a laser level for foundations. Without it, the level of flooring may not appear accurately.

  • Battery

Strong rechargeable batteries are very important for your outdoor projects. Some of the laser levels offer you rechargeable batteries, so you can charge them overnight and use them for the rest of the day. You can buy an extra 2-3 if you don’t want any interruption.

  • Chargers

Even though the laser levels come with a rechargeable battery, they won’t give you the charger. So you will have to buy one separately.

  • Laser Line Detector

This detector helps you to find the laser lines easily. Hence, if you plan to work outside in the sunlight, check for the laser line detector if it has one.

  • Remote controls

Always check the auto laser levels are coming with the remote control or not. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to operate the device.

Rotation Speed

Of course, the rotation speed matters while you are buying the best laser level. The more speed the level has, the more accurately it will work. For auto laser levels, make sure it offers a different rotation speed. In this way, you can work on any project efficiently.

What Is the Best Laser Level for Construction?

Best Laser Level for Construction

There are so many laser levels in the market right now; even we gave you five ultimate options! So yes, making a choice is pretty tough! Don’t worry, let us give you a quick suggestion!

For an overall experience, you can go for the DEWALT DW089LG. It is a hard-wearing machine with a robust build, is loaded with ergonomics, and hails from a reputed brand. Hence, with this one, you’re getting a total package.

Furthermore, we also told you about the RL-H5A of the Topcon brand, which is very good for construction. It has protective barriers, which helps the instrument to be in good shape for years. Also, the rechargeable battery makes it convenient at a lower price.

Another construction laser level is the REVOLVE900 from the Bosch brand, one of the big guns in the market. It has different rotation speeds, which will give you changeable access to your construction sites. Moreover, it is effortless to install.

However, the idea of the best laser levels for constructions depends on person to person. The product that matches your demands is your soulmate! And if you are feeling confused, just go through our reviews once again; you will get hooked on at least one of them.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you use a laser level for footings?

You all are knowledgeable about footers when it comes to foundation works. Thanks to the laser levels, which helps the footings to level perfectly. After pouring the footings, the laser level puts a constant level line. You just need to turn on the machine, and the laser light will shoot the perfect level for your footings.

What is a laser level used for in construction?

A laser level in construction is basically used for aligning, measuring, and leveling the ground you are trying to work in. It makes the ground perfectly leveled once you put it horizontally or vertically.

What color laser level is the best?

Green laser levels are 50 times brighter than the red ones. It is more visible and clear,so green ones are the most used ones on sight. It is also the preferred laser recommended by professionals.

Which is better, red or green laser level?

As we discussed the green one before, you already know the green beam is brighter in human eyes and consumes more battery. Again the red beams are less bright, and the prices are also low. So if you want more visibility and brightness, you can go for green ones.

Final Verdict

When they say choosing the best laser levels for foundations isn’t easy, they say nothing but the truth! But hopefully, after reading this article, you won’t have that problem ever again.

While making the purchase, make sure that the device is user-friendly and versatile. Features such as lightweight construction, convertible design, the easy using procedure will make your work session effortless.

If you don’t have the time to browse the market, just get one from here. You won’t regret your decision, that’s a promise.

Learn more about laser level for builders in our blog.

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