5 Best Dual Slope Laser Reviews | Buying Guide 2023

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As a professional contractor, it’s my basic requirement to make sure that everything at the construction site is working at full capacity. Making sure all the machinery is in order is one of my basic necessities. You can’t imagine my level of frustration when I realized the fences were uneven on my last project.

I quickly analyzed the situation to find that the root of the problem lay with the single slope lasers my employees were working with. After several months of research, I put together the best dual slope laser reviews in this article for both DIY and commercial projects.

They no longer require you to carry out complicated calculations, which could reduce your accuracy. And today, I’m here to tell you exactly how I got rid of the problem with the help of dual slope lasers.

What Is Dual Slope Laser Level

Dual slope laser levels are the talk of the town these days and have proven to be a landscaper’s best ally when it comes to sloping tasks. These types of laser levels can tilt themselves to match a compound grade. The compound grade is the gradient you desire to reach for a certain level of slope.

However, you cannot enter the targeted gradient into the device. You need to tilt the laser manually until it reaches the grade noted on a measuring staff. Keep in mind that using the grading feature on a slope laser will disable the automatic leveling function.

This means you might have to do most of the calculations yourself. There are also some models that can match two grades simultaneously. It allows the user to tilt them twice. You can either do this task manually or let the laser level do the work with just a push of a button.

Dual slope laser levels are the most convenient to work with as they can give you a slope on both the X and Y axis at the same time. By relying on the different grades on the laser, you can easily get a compound grade. These types of laser levels tend to be pricier than the single slope models.

5 Best Dual Slope Laser

Finding an ideal dual slope laser can be pretty complicated for an amateur DIY enthusiast. Hence, I have picked the best dual slope lasers and reviewed them below:

Topcon 313990753 RL-SV2S High Accuracy and Value Dual Slope Laser Level

When using laser levels for creating slopes, we often tend to be fed up with the poor battery life of the tool. It’s hard to find a model that’s both accurate and long-lasting. Hence, as the first product on this list of reviews, we have included this state-of-the-art laser level with extended battery life.

They have enhanced its battery so much that you can easily work for 120 hours without needing to replace the batteries. The alkaline batteries can offer long hours of service, which is often required for leveling slopes. Unlike most tools of its kind, you can also equip it with a rechargeable battery.

Even then, you won’t need to charge before 65 hours of continuous leveling. This means you no longer have to wait for hours to get back to your incomplete tasks. On top of that, this laser level comes with impressive range even under a bright light. Leveling slopes can sometimes require you to work in daylight.

Fortunately, the laser is clearly visible during any time of the day. You can also use this laser for horizontal and vertical leveling. This level of versatility will help you finish different kinds of projects without spending extra money on separate leveling tools. The device is also built to resist heavy-duty usage.

It’s made of high-quality materials that can withstand dust and torrential rainfall, making it suitable for outdoor applications.


  • 120 hours battery life
  • 65 hours service with rechargeable batteries
  • Can resist dust and rainfall
  • Remote included
  • Extended range


  • Relatively pricey


Nothing beats the extended battery life of this dual slope laser level. This will let you work for hours on end without tiring yourself out.

Johnson Level & Tool 99-028K Electronic Self-Leveling Laser System

What sets this laser level apart from other models on the market is its programmable design that does the math required for leveling. This way, you won’t have to set the measurements by yourself manually. Due to its impeccable accuracy, you barely need to calculate anything by yourself.

This advanced feature makes the laser level suitable for various tasks such as flatwork and drainage. It’s equally ideal for sloping and other complicated landscape projects. If you are looking for a laser-level tool that is efficient for both indoor and outdoor tasks, your search ends here.

When you use regular laser levels these days, it’s pretty hard to tell when the alignment or range is incorrect. However, the manufacturers of this tool have found a clever feature to take care of this issue. They have equipped it with alarms that go off when the alignment is out of place and allow you to fix it manually.

This ensures accuracy and security when you are leveling slopes or drainage systems. Furthermore, you barely have to break a sweat as the laser tool can automatically level itself horizontally and vertically. That’s why it’s suitable for vertical leveling tasks like fencing and setting up drywall tracks.

Its rotary laser takes care of most of these tasks with utmost precision. You also have the option to use rechargeable or replaceable batteries, both of which have amazing battery life. The device also comes with a remote control that largely simplifies its operation.


  • Programmable design
  • Ideal for different tasks
  • Automatically levels itself
  • Audible security alarms
  • Easy operation


  • Laser quality could be improved


This dual slope laser comes with a smart set of features that promote accuracy more than any other model. You will also be surprised at how easy it is to use.

Topcon RL-SV1S Self Leveling Single Slope Rotary Laser

There can’t be a better perk for a contractor like me than a laser level with a long-range like this one. The 800-meter laser range makes it suitable for the bigger landscaping projects on your to-do list. Leveling slopes will become as easy as pie if you have this laser tool at your disposal.

This device also has a high-powered laser that can’t be unseen in the most brightly lit places. Now you can effortlessly work in any lighting condition without stressing your eyesight or compromising the accuracy. The rotary laser is most suitable for single slope applications.

Similar to most products of this brand, the laser tool is encased in a robust housing that is difficult to damage. Its rugged construction makes it perfect for use in construction sites and outdoor areas. It has an IP66 rating, which makes it resistant to dust and debris. The device is equally resistant to heavy downpours.

Apart from that, this laser level comes with an RC50 remote control device that lets you control it from a distance. This reduces the possibility of inaccurate alignments and helps you get the job done much faster. You will also find the carrying case pretty convenient for transporting the tool to your destination.

Inside the provided kit, you will get an LS-80L sensor, which you can attach to the laser level. The laser level is powered by a Ni-MH battery pack that can allow you to work for 65 hours straight.


  • 800-meter laser range
  • IP66 rating
  • RC50 remote included
  • LS-80L sensor included
  • Equipped with Ni-MH battery pack


  • It might emit some harmful chemicals


A laser level with an unmatched laser range of 800 meters, this easy-to-use dual slope laser is perfect for large and complex projects.

Stabila LAR350 Fully Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

You will rarely find a laser level that’s as easy and convenient to use as this model at number 4. It consists of a motor-driven rotary laser that significantly reduces the effort required for dual slope applications. This laser tool is efficient at both horizontal and vertical leveling due to its self-leveling capabilities.

However, it also gives you the option to incline the laser when needed manually. You can set it on two different axes based on your project. The operation is made even easier by the included remote control device. Simply rotate the remote control to control the rotary laser quickly and accurately.

It also allows you to incline the level up to 5 degrees on both the X and Y-axis. You can even restrict the working area by limiting the range on Section mode. This mode will limit the tool from emitting the laser beyond a certain level. The device also comes with LED sensors that notify you of incorrect alignment.

This highly increases the accuracy of your alignment. You will know which axis you need to align manually. That’s why this laser level is also suitable for DIY enthusiasts with the least amount of skills. On top of that, this laser tool is built to resist impact, even when it’s dropped from a height of 5.9 feet.

The IP65 rated material protects the laser from being damaged by water and dust particles in the worksite. Hence, it’s highly efficient as an outdoor leveling tool.

They have also equipped it with a REC 300 digital set receiver for an increased range. Besides that, it also includes a 90-degree angle rail, carrying case, and tripod.


  • Level up to 5 degrees on both axis
  • LED sensors indicate alignment
  • Resistant to impact
  • REC 300 digital set receiver
  • Remote control device


  • Comparatively expensive


If you tend to drop your tools more often, you can rely on this durable laser level. It is resistant to impact, dust, and exposure to water.

Huepar Electronic Self-Leveling Green Rotary Laser Level Kit

The final product on today’s list of reviews is this exclusive rotary laser that comes with a plethora of useful accessories that can give you the upper hand with sloping applications. These features also make it one of the most versatile laser kits on this list. It’s suitable for multiple DIY projects as well.

The leveling tool is equipped with a 360-degree laser beam that is perfect for both vertical and horizontal leveling projects. You can use this to align fence posts, lay metal drywalls, and install drop ceilings. It can accurately create slopes up to 8 degrees on both the X and Y-axis.

You can also utilize it to check grades and other complicated slope tasks. This is one of the few leveling tools on the market suitable for DIY and commercial projects alike. It has an unmatched accuracy of +/- 1/8 inch per 100 feet. But nothing can top its immense range of 1600 feet in diameter.

Just imagine the types of projects you can complete with this tool. You can even adjust the scan angles depending on the amount of light you are working in. The rotation speed can be set anywhere between 0 to 600 RPMs. They have made this device smart enough to self-level within less than 10 seconds.

Due to this feature, you barely need any additional help. As if that wasn’t enough, the provided remote control device makes any leveling project easier for a beginner. The device will automatically fix the changes in alignment caused by extreme winds or slight vibrations.


  • The 360-degree laser beam on the X and Y-axis
  • 0 to 600 RPM rotation speed
  • Self-levels within 10 seconds
  • +/- 1/8 inch per 100 feet accuracy
  • 1600 feet range


  • It might not last over a year


This is the most versatile dual slope laser on today’s list that allows you to carry out multiple projects with high accuracy.

How To Set Slope With Laser Level

How To Set Slope With Laser Level

Just knowing which laser level you should use won’t come to any use if you don’t even know how to set a slope with it. The models I reviewed are the best on the market for this particular application. Hence, following these instructions is in your best interest if you want to set a slope with a laser level.

Setting The Laser Level

The first step of this procedure is to set up the laser level on top of a tripod before you begin the sloping. For that, you need to set the laser horizontally on the tripod. Press on the ON/OFF button to turn the laser tool on and wait for it to level itself. It won’t take more than 10 seconds to do so.

Setting A Gradient

For the next step, you set up a measuring staff about 10 meters away from the tripod. You need to hold the staff vertically and set the laser attached to the tripod parallel to it. The built-in sensors will alert you if the alignment is incorrect. Make sure to rely on it and set it up as accurately as possible.

The fall should be created up to 1 meter vertically at the point where the slope is 40 meters long horizontally. You need to note down the dimensions accurately behind the staff; the dual slope laser must be calibrated according to those dimensions. Once that’s done, lower the laser level by 250 mm and clamp it tight.

Try to fix the axis towards the measuring staff using the remote control device. Or else, you can take help from a colleague as well. Keep lowering the laser beam using the remote control until it gives off a continuous beep. Once you reach that level, you will make a 1:40 fall.

Start Digging

After setting up the gradient, it’s time to bring the detector back to the measuring staff. All you need to do now is keep digging the ground and lowering the staff. You should only stop when the laser detector picks up the beam of light.

Dual Slope vs. Single Slope Laser

Why use a dual slope laser, you ask? Well, there is no way to answer this question without stating the difference between a dual slope and a single slope laser. You can easily distinguish between them by focusing on certain factors. We have made a list of some of the defining factors.

The main difference between a dual slope and a single slope laser lies in the types of readings you will get when setting the slope. On a single slope laser, the readings appear on a single axis at a time. However, on a dual slope laser, you will notice the readings for both X-axis and Y-axis simultaneously.

This is an especially crucial factor to consider when working with a manual slope laser. Because you have to set the compound grade on these lasers manually and set the rod and the detector according to the grade, you will also have to put in manual effort to set the detector perfectly to the center.

The accuracy of this procedure will largely depend on how well you measured and calculated the grade. Dual slope lasers with self-leveling capabilities will do most of the calculations for you and set the detector according to the compound grade. They are much more convenient to use.

Before You Buy Dual slope Laser What To Look For

Being well versed in the different models of dual slope lasers on the market isn’t enough to make the right purchase. There are some major factors to consider before you go out to buy one. These factors will determine how efficient the tool is and whether it suits your needs or not.


When buying a laser level, the first thing you need to consider is how accurate its laser beams are. It should also have a self-leveling function that will accurately set the detector to the middle. A dual slope level with an accuracy of +/- 1/8 inch per 100 feet is enough to give you the best results.

Manual or Automatic

When you go out to buy a laser level, you might end up choosing between an automatic and manual version. Although automatic slope levels might cost you a bit more than usual, it is often considered a wise purchase. That’s because automatic models eliminate manual effort significantly.

It can easily adjust the laser within a few seconds after it’s turned on. This sets up a steady and accurate laser beam for you to work with. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about inaccuracies caused by sudden movements or vibrations. They automatically stop running when disturbed.

On the other hand, manual lasers need a lot more time and effort to set up. You will have to do most of the calculations by yourself. It is not recommended to buy one unless you have a certain level of experience in that field.

Range and Visibility

The range of a dual slope laser is a major factor that determines the type of projects you can work with. I have listed laser levels with ranges between 800 feet and 1600 feet. If you are thinking of working on bigger projects, it’s best to rely on a model with a longer range.

Besides, the visibility of the laser should also be taken into consideration. Many models out there excel in terms of accuracy but have mediocre visibility in daylight. You will need a rather powerful laser with clear visibility, especially when working on outdoor projects.

Green Beam or Red Beam

This is another factor that ascertains the visibility of the laser beam. Most green beams tend to be more visible in brightly lit areas. If you are not using a laser level detector, you must use a laser level that emits green beams. However, for much smaller projects, red beams tend to be more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best multi-line laser?

Multi-line lasers are one of the most versatile laser equipment out there as they are filled with various functions to choose from. You can use these lasers for both horizontal, vertical, and crossline applications. I have mentioned a few such multi-line lasers in this article that come with a wide range of features. The Huepar Electronic Self-Leveling rotary laser is one of them. This dual slope laser can rotate 360 degrees and allows you to adjust the speed of the rotations as well. Due to its ease of use, the laser level is also suitable for many DIY projects.

Is Topcon a good brand?

Topcon is a pioneer in the world of laser levels and has been manufacturing and modifying them for over a decade now. Professionals globally acclaim their products because of the durability and sheer accuracy they offer. Most of their laser levels (like the ones mentioned in this article) are efficient at multiple tasks.

How do you set a laser on a slope?

To set a laser on a slope, all you need is a tripod and a measuring staff. After the device levels itself, you need to make accurate markings on the staff to make a grade. Once the grade is achieved, you need to create a fall and return the laser detector to the original level of the staff. Then start digging, as I explained in the section above.

Final Words

By now, you probably have all the information you need about the best dual slope laser level on the market and are well aware of how to use it. Make sure you keep in mind the type of projects you wish to complete when you are making a purchase.

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